A high-level career without a degree? Of course! We know that, as a technician, your training has provided you with just the qualifications and experience needed at our production facilities.  

With us, you can look forward to a highly varied range of tasks: as a technician, you supervise and develop programs to manage operational and assembly sequences, and also record and evaluate quality-relevant information. Furthermore, you calculate, measure and test circuits and electronic components within the areas of production, assembly and development. As a technician, you not only conduct pre-defined tasks but also have a lot of scope for independent work; with us, you can therefore demonstrate your full range of skills.

You see, there is a wide range of opportunities you have in our plants. But here are some more examples for you.

As a manufacturing technician, you'll be a key point of contact in our production process responsible for the manufacturing of our high-tech modules. What we are looking for: Affinity for engineering and a ready grasp of mechanical systems, for example when performing the pre-assembly of various modules or in the simple, repeated assembly of cables, components, devices or system components – while constantly keeping an eye on the high quality standards of our manufacturing operations.

In your role as a testing technician you'll be responsible for the entire testing process of our devices and systems. This will involve simulations for troubleshooting purposes in order to check the functionality of our modules and components. Your range of duties will also involve carrying out any necessary repairs to the tested equipment.

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Veronika Zifčáková

"I joined Rohde & Schwarz right after completing school in 2012. I'm currently working as an assembly technician in cable production and have specialized in soldering. Thanks to the favorable working conditions and the diversified work, I feel very happy at Rohde & Schwarz."

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