Sales Engineer

Only for the commercially-minded? No, not at all as a matter of fact. As a sales engineer at Rohde & Schwarz, you use your specialist expertise to impress customers and to win them over for our products and solutions.

As a sales engineer, you prepare customer-specific quotes and assume a principal role in contract negotiations, seeing these through to finalization. To do this, you provide specialist advice and assist our customers in strategic matters. You also conduct market analyses and forecasts, actively using the insights gained to assist in the planning of new devices and systems. So, as you see, through your work as a sales engineer, you contribute not only to the implementation and further development of sales strategies, but also to the company’s sustained success.

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Sales Engineer

Boyd Buchin

“What I love is the mix of technology and sales. I also enjoy the freedom that Rohde & Schwarz gives me in terms of personal career planning. In my position, I work with a number of different departments, from development through to product management and marketing. And here, I can always rely on one thing: a great team in each and every department!”

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