Production-related Developer

You don’t need development within production! Not so! Specialists for product development and optimization are indispensable within our plants.  

Indeed, such specialists are in demand in the areas of hardware and software, production services, plant processes and electromechanical applications. Thus, as a production-related developer, you have a practically endless range of development areas requiring your expertise. Whether you work with the transmitter or radio communication systems at our Teisnach plant or in measurement technology at our Memmingen plant, you are always intensely involved in the evaluation and improvement of technical construction and production standards, as well as in the testing and integration of cutting-edge communication methods. You are also responsible for conducting development adjustments according to customer requirements.

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Production-related Developer

Andreas Gerber

"The prospects offered by a job have always been very important to me. At Rohde & Schwarz, I have advanced from MBA student to deputy segment director. This position doesn’t just require expert knowledge, but also things like leadership skills and the ability to interact well with suppliers and customers. It offers me a great deal of variety!"

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