Product Manager

It’s “all” about marketing? Not at all! No other job profile is as varied as that of a project manager! And few are as challenging!  

In this role, you work closely with our development departments to shape the future of our product series across their entire lifecycle. Your work ranges from product definition through to the pricing and marketing of our products and systems. Moreover, as a project manager, you constantly liaise with both our customers and our sales and development departments. You use your expertise to conduct market and competition analyses, plan market communication measures and provide support in dealing with technical requests. And if you also like to travel, then this is the job for you! Because training measures, presentations, visits to key accounts and trade fair events require our product managers to travel the world!

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Product Manager

Ying Sin Phuan

„I'm pursuing a hands-on approach with all my products and their environment as well. That's why I'm involved with our r&d labs, provide technical support for our sales teams and even travel abroad to visit customers in order to introduce the products. I really enjoy the countless opportunities I have to broaden my horizon and continually progress my development.“

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