You think, Work according to the blueprint? Don’t worry, we attach great value to your individual ideas and knowledge. You therefore have considerable free scope when developing new devices and products for us, products which you then also launch on the market. 

The development process requires you to oversee your product's development, from the first needs analysis stage through to prototype commissioning and final transfer to production. With your technical expertise, you also contribute toward the continual development and optimization of existing products. So if you, as a hardware developer, want take on exciting technical challenges involving cutting-edge machines, methods and components, and if you want assume a high level of responsibility working within a small, close-knit team, then come to us!

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Hardware Developer

Simon Schmid

“As a hardware developer, I am responsible for a variety of phases ranging from the concept development phase through to the module or device’s transfer to production. I really can let my creativity loose here. Not only can I work with the latest technology, but I also have a great deal of freedom within which to use it!”

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