Delevoper for digital signal processing

On, off, on, off, and then it’s off home? Not with us! As a developer for digital signal processing, your daily work routine is a lot more complex that that!  

After all, with us, you not only develop digital signal processing concepts for measurement and radio devices, but also design hardware and software systems, as well as algorithms for signal processing purposes. You then establish whether you have calculated the optimum algorithm by conducting intensive simulations. Moreover, you also actively contribute to specifications analyses and to the development of the device’s overall design. And last but not least, we rely on your expertise when it comes to the implementation and integration of your developments.

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Developer for digital signal processing

Stephan Nothacker

"When I develop new signal processing systems, I work within a very complex environment. There are specific conditions that I have to adhere to, of course, but on the whole, I have the freedom to independently choose the way in which I accomplish my goals. And that is something I value highly!"

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