Design Engineer

A job on the sidelines? Not at all. This cliché is long-outdated. Because, as a construction engineer, you are involved in the “birth” of a new device from the very beginning. 

This creative process requires your close collaboration with the development departments. As a construction engineer, you are responsible for developing layouts, creating detailed constructions and ensuring a uniform product concept. You furthermore safeguard the smooth transfer of the product concept to the production stage and continuously strive to optimize production costs. During the product’s life cycle, you assume responsibility for the product’s care and oversee any necessary adjustment phases. Whether through digital or mechanical design, we offer you a highly promising career.

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Design engineer

Sebastian Sedlmeier

“As a construction engineer, my tasks are very wide-ranging. They include the development of new concepts, the simulation of complex scenarios and the construction of partial solutions and components within the various areas of microelectronics. A variety of areas in which I can develop new technologies and concepts and thus continuously test new limits.”

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