Developer for ASIC/ MMIC

“But a small cog in the transmission system?” No, quite to the contrary! In fact, where chip manufacture is concerned, you are instrumental in determining the performance of our future devices.

So it’s no wonder that your expertise is highly coveted here. The technology in our chips is becoming ever-more sophisticated. And this increasing sophistication presents you with constant challenges. In order to ensure our chips’ high performance and thus our company’s competitiveness as a chip manufacturer, it is your task to sound out the situation in terms of performance, time and costs. It's no easy job, which is why you are in such high demand at Rohde & Schwarz!   Within ASIC development, you are responsible for architecture, concept development and the development of high-end analog / mixed signal ASICs for use in our devices. Your daily work thus involves constantly pushing the technical boundaries of our ASICS. You use your expertise in all phases of ASIC development, i.e. in the concept development phase, the circuit development phase, the metrological characterization phase and in the transfer to production. Together with a highly-qualified team, you collaborate closely with our in-house customers, providing them with support in the use of our ASICs.  

As an MMIC designer, you are responsible for conceiving and developing high-performance MMICs with a high band-width and dynamism, such as amplifiers and RF circuits. You also characterize individual transistors and passive construction elements and, based on this, continually develop foundry models in order to fulfill our high demands as regards MMIC development. In developing high-performance MMICs, you cover the entire spectrum of MMIC design. This spans concept work and detailed design and layout tasks, metrological characterization and re-design work, and, finally, transfer to serial production at a semiconductor manufacturer. You work within a highly qualified team and, in your daily work, collaborate closely with our in-house customers.

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ASIC/ MMIC Developer

Dr. Robert Makon

“Although I work in the development of semiconductor chips and, as such, hold a great deal of responsibility for the entire architecture of hardware products, I enjoy considerable creative freedom. In my position, I can use cutting edge technologies to implement my ideas and, in doing so, can contribute toward every development stage, from conception through to serial production.”

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