Application Engineer

A very one-sided job? Certainly not! In fact, no other job can offer you a more interesting combination of development tasks and customer service.  

In this position, you provide us with valuable assistance both in using and in developing our products according to customer specifications. As an applications engineer, your job involves providing important support via telephone and e-mail, and also working for the customer on-site. Here, you adapt software solutions and applications according to the devices already in place, thus optimizing their efficiency. You also use your expertise to explain the wide range of technical possibilities to the customer and to conduct training sessions. You work hand-in-hand with our international branches and development departments.

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Application Engineer

Thomas Lutz

“My job is extremely varied. I don’t just work with the products, but also with our customers and employees from other branches around the world. This allows me to gain interesting insights into the way in which people from other cultures work. What I really like about Rohde & Schwarz is the strong sense of team spirit. Not only is this pleasant to work in, but it is also essential to our work. After all, complex measurement instruments and testing procedures require excellent working relationships with other colleagues.”

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