Our values: putting our corporate culture into practice.

Unlike traditional large businesses, we have a straightforward structure, flat hierarchies and a relaxed work environment.

And, as a private company, we are not under the influence of the stock market. All of this creates stability and, above all else, a great deal of freedom. Freedom, which we are happy to pass on to our employees. The core values, which are at the foundation of our business activities, are extremely important to us. 

These core values include...

  • Trust: Our relationships with customers and partners are long-term, ethically and legally uncompromising, and based on mutual trust.
  • Personal responsibility: Competent, dedicated and empowered employees are the basis of our success. Mutual respect and trust characterize our relationships.
  • Innovative strength: Our innovative products generate enthusiasm thanks to their user benefits, technical leadership and quality.
  • Independency: Profitable growth and diligent risk management enable us to maintain our status as an independent, autonomous corporation.
  • Sense of responsibility: Our corporate culture is based on five core values, which are fully incorporated at Rohde & Schwarz, and are demonstrated on a daily basis.


We are...

  • People-oriented: We respect personalities that don't get lost in the crowd, and have the desire to be top performers in an informal working environment.
  • Development-oriented: We develop trendsetting products, which appeal to our customers because of their benefits, their technical advancement and quality.
  • Passionate: We're excited about our dynamic technologies and enjoy the challenges of working with them.
  • Innovative: As highly motivated self-starters, we are committed to continually pushing and redefining the limits of technology.
  • Independent: We are and will remain an independent company. At Rohde & Schwarz, intelligent, independent minds work together to create technological progress.