Nadine Lutz, HR Marketing & Recruiting

Opportunities for advancement

All employees have their own strengths and interests. That is why we offer a variety of career paths. This gives you opportunities for advancement that match your strengths and goals. And it is also in our interest for everyone to be assigned to the position where they can make the biggest contribution.



The three career paths at Rohde & Schwarz:

Management career

Do you want to assume responsibility? We have various programs to support new and experienced managers:

  • Selection of suitable candidates in transparent selection processes with an assessment center
  • Development measures for young talents
  • Targeted support of new managers through our Leadership Essential Program
  • Mentoring program with experienced managers for a smooth start in the new management role
  • Extensive training opportunities for experienced managers to continue developing leadership skills



Mathias Erhard

Mathias Erhard is Director of R&D for Stationary V/UHF Radios

"My current position links the domain of engineering with customer contact and product management. This combination is just right for me. I like having the big picture in view."

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Technical career

Perhaps the conventional management career is not what you are looking for, and you would rather stay closer to your chosen field. The technical career path means working intensively in our specialized areas, focusing above all on leading-edge technologies. Here is what you will need: a passion for technology, flexibility and a love of challenges.


  • Familiarization with specialized materials through the technical career path
  • A wide range of opportunities to expand technical qualifications and develop personal skills through a comprehensive continuing education program
  • Opportunities for increased earnings and sideways career paths
  • Option to switch to a management career always available



Ingo Juenemann

Ingo Jünemann is Hardware Development Engineer

"For an optimal balance between job and private life, one needs understanding and an optimal work environment on the part of the employer, as well as open communication and responsibility for their own interests on the part of employees. I have found this environment at Rohde & Schwarz."

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Project management

Are you completely dedicated to your specialized field? Are you the kind of person who sees a challenge where others only see problems? But, for now at least, you are not considering a management career path? Regardless of whether you work as a customer project manager or are manager of a hardware or software project – there is a wealth of possibilities. What that means for you:

  • Technical leadership of a project team
  • Targeted training measures to prepare for the new role
  • Advanced project management courses for experienced project managers




Veena operating on device

Veena Parashuram is a Project Leader for Oscilloscope applications

„During the last three years at Rohde & Schwarz, I have had the opportunity to lead multiple application developments. I have led Protocol Decode applications developed by our team in the United States and here in Munich.”

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