Working at Rohde & Schwarz


One thing is certain: You will only see what someone is capable of if you give them the chance to show it. That‘s why right from the first day, we give you the scope you need for your enthusiasm, your creativity and your courage to try new things. You will be entrusted with important tasks and always find us willing to listen to your suggestions. And these ideas don’t just get lost in the hierarchy: You‘ll have the opportunity to present them to the decision maker. This is possible because we are a family-run company that attaches great importance to team spirit, collegiality and trust – where an ideal mix of young minds and old pros ensures a dynamic balance, and management never loses touch with the employees. Just what you‘re looking for when you are working in a team on challenging projects and want to keep testing the limits of technical feasibility. 

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Every day our employees meet customers‘ expectations with passion, dedication and intelligence. Therefore it is crucial to support them in their technical, professional and personal development. Learn more about the colleagues who are growing along with Rohde & Schwarz.

In the flight industry, Rohde & Schwarz employees are regarded as trustworthy experts. How do they experience their daily work life and the responsibility they are taking on? Meet one of our teams who ensures air traffic safety.

Let us introduce the team whose second home is Hollywood. One of the team members was involved with the world premiere of The Hobbit. Learn more about how working at Rohde & Schwarz has had an impact on how we enjoy movies in the theatres or at home.

How about finding out how we are working on the foundations of smart cities. In smart cities, practically everything and everyone will be connected: vehicles, buildings, infrastructures and people. Who are the smart minds behind smart cities at Rohde & Schwarz? Keep on reading here.