New Student Competition in Taiwan with iWEM and Rohde & Schwarz

New Student Competition in Taiwan with iWEM and Rohde & Schwarz

Feb 24. 2016

Rohde & Schwarz Taiwan and 2015 iWEM collaborated 2015 to form a new special kind of student competition in Taiwan. The goal for the students was to present theirtechnical know-how and demonstrate outstanding research works to unfold personal charisma.

The idea for the new competition can be traced back to December 2014. Initially Prof. Ruey-Bing Huang, Director of the Institute of Communications Engineering NCTU (National Chiao Tung University), who was hosting the 2015 iWEM in Taiwan, looked for a new format. “I was getting tired of the traditional Call-for-Paper competition, it was too theoretical with routines”, says Prof. Huang. His thought: “Can a professional test equipment company like Rohde & Schwarz help to do something different about it?”

We sure can!


The intention of the Competition was to inspire the engineering students to compete on the subject of “Smart Antenna Array Characterization” under the slogan “The future of 5G broadband communication technology is in your hands”. In the final round, the students had to demonstrate their research work on site with a demonstration of a smart antenna array with DOA implementation. Therefore instrumentation, devices and tools were available on site for demonstration. The final round took place in November 2015.

We congratulate the winners Yan-Yun Lin, Cheng-Tai Jiang and Jing-Zhe Tsai from Taiwan National University of Science & Technology for their great performance!