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Mobile communications and connectivity: the foundation of smart cities

In smart cities, practically everything and everyone will be connected: vehicles, buildings, infrastructures and people. The entire city will have full internet coverage to enable smart traffic management, energy-saving lighting and much more. There will be a noticeable improvement in our everyday lives.
Mobile communications plays a special role in this connectivity. And providing mobile communications requires precise T&M equipment and effective security solutions. Rohde & Schwarz is a leading global supplier in both areas. But who are the creative minds behind this accomplishment? Let’s get to know a few of them.

Enabling smart cities with expertise

"The availability of mobile networks that deliver a consistent and reliable data flow is what makes smart cities possible in the first place," explains Nazan Scheunert, Senior Development Expert at Rohde & Schwarz. To ensure that all signals reach the consumer devices as needed, it is necessary to test their RF characteristics. Nazan Scheunert helps develop the signaling and production testers that test these characteristics for mobile communications standards such as 5G. An equally important aspect of smart cities is supplying power to off-grid components. Weather sensors and smart parking meters cannot function reliably without powerful batteries. "Our power consumption solution helps manufacturers optimize power consumption. Our goal is a battery life of 10 years," states Product Manager Nikola Serdar.

Fulfilling complex requirements

In order to make smart cities a reality, various challenges have to be overcome. Component and module manufacturers and network operators face equally high requirements. All generated and transmitted signals must comply with strict specifications, e.g. for 5G, LTE or WLAN. This requires precise T&M equipment at practically every step of developing, maintaining and improving products and services. How does Rohde & Schwarz help? "Our T&M solutions allow all players to test, verify and adapt to mobile standards," explains Feng Xie, Market Segment Manager Wireless Technology. "I am constantly on the lookout for new trends in order to identify future needs in the industry." Another success factor for smart cities is smooth data flow. All network connections and data require top protection. Highly effective cybersecurity products are especially important for safety-critical applications such as smart traffic management. Product Manager Nikola Serdar is in charge of one of the Rohde & Schwarz IP connection solutions.

Turning the vision into reality

Our employees' passion and innovative talent make a decisive impact on the development of smart cities. We don't just imagine life with drones, electromobility, smart street lighting and many other smart technologies, we help shape it. Rohde & Schwarz offers and designs the necessary information, communications and security technology for the cities of tomorrow.

We help realize smart cities

Our jobs for smart cities

If you want to help shape the cities of today and tomorrow, you've come to the right place. We offer a wide range of jobs along the entire development, production and marketing chain. 5G and mobile networks more than just buzzwords for you, and you are keen to work in these areas? Then we look forward to receiving your application. If these jobs aren't quite right for you, check out our job portal with its wide selection of interesting opportunities.

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