Tips for applicants

Are you planning to apply to our company? Or perhaps you have already been invited to the first interview. Our recruiting team has tips to help you prepare.

Tips for your application

  • Make sure that your résumé is easy to read, clearly formatted, and contains no gaps.
  • It is always better to customize your résumé for the position you are applying for: use separate bullet points for the skills and activities that are important for the job.
  • When listing smaller or less well-known companies in your résumé, indicate the industry and number of employees.
  • The cover letter should be clear, concise and no longer than one page (DIN A4 format). Refer to the position in question and explain why you are a good match for the job description.

Tips for the interview

At the interview we will find out together whether you are right for us and vice versa. As a rule, a representative of the business unit and a recruiting manager take part in the interview. We explain what is especially important to us:

  • Be authentic and honest. That is the only way of finding out whether we are a good fit for one another.
  • Choose positive formulations even for weaknesses. For example, "I do not yet have that skill," can be reworded as: "I already have a lot of experience with the software / with the role X. I'm sure that it could be applied to that task quite easily."
  • Be convincing by showing a genuine interest in the position and our company. Gather information in advance and prepare questions.
  • That is the key: ask questions. By asking about the size of the team, onboarding, daily routines and corporate culture, you show that you are serious about the job and will also learn more about the company. Even for topics that have already been addressed, ask follow-up questions. That shows that you are an active listener. 

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