TECHFEST MUNICH – Countering drones. Build your own Sky Protector.

TECHFEST MUNICH – Countering drones. Build your own Sky Protector.


Drones are easy-to-buy and easy-to-fly gadgets. They can be seen everywhere: in private and professional contexts. Develop your own “SKY-PROTECTOR” and help us to regain a safer airspace. Where can you do that? Join us at the TECHFEST Munich and be part of our team there.

Here is what we’ll do: While most drones are being used in a legal framework, new kinds of threats arises when drones do penetrate restricted airspaces. Innovative technical solutions are required in order to monitor critical infrastructures and prevent drones from entering secured areas.

Find a smart solution, which is able to protect a limited airspace against drones controlled via a WiFi Link (the remote control is a smartphone or tablet-PC). The solution may include the detection and identification of such drones, alarm schemes, the collecting of evidences and countermeasures. During TECHFEST we will provide a WiFi controlled drone for test and demonstration purposes. We care for your technical approach! Show us the technical concept of your solution, including a practical demonstration using your “SKY-PROTECTOR” against the provided WiFi drone.

If this sounds as if you’re up to this challenge, we’ll see you in mid June. Meet Götz, Jörg and Heiner at the TECHFEST Munich.

Here’s some extra info on how Rohde & Schwarz has developed a solution where every second counts: Learn more about R&S®ARDRONIS.

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Build your own Sky Protector with Rohde & Schwarz.

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